Monday, October 25, 2010

gooble, gooble

5 dollar squeaky turkey from Bass Pro Shop.....Calvin absolutely loves this toy

or a tad bit more from Amazon:


just plain& simply crazy

checking out the action to the right

check out my floppy ears!

at the critter farm

in Fort Collins, CO

hiking with Oma, visiting from Switzerland

squooshed in the car

is there really not enough space for both?

my all time favorite photo

of Calvin and Roman out on the back step sunbathing and living the life of laziness

catching up on photos

here is a random assortment of photos and movies for your viewing pleasure

calvin's special bowl

and he approves of it, but wishes it were slightly bigger so that more food could fit within

last moments together with our superhero

caroline, calvin & annette...what a successful puppy raising team!

Graduation Day at Guide Dogs for the Blind Campus

Calvin & David

check this out!

this is the blog posted by David and giving great insight on his perspective of learning to love and get around with Calvin.

The graduation ceremony this past weekend and meeting David was AMAZING! I cannot even really find the words to describe how much fun it was and also a learning experience at the same time. As soon as I get my camera unpacked I should have pictures up of the two.

miss & love you a bunch Calvin!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calvin & David...newest partners in crime

I could not be more thrilled to announce the exciting news that Calvin has found a new partner, home and best friend....David!

As Monday a week ago Calvin has started the final phase of his training together with his new partner David H. This coming Saturday they will both be graduating together and then returning to Calvin's new home in Cupertino, CA....lucky dog!

Annette and I will travel out to Boring, Or (yes, it's really called Boring, Or) to join the two in the celebration of their training together and future together together as well. I'm estathic to know that our beloved Calvin is going to a super special home. He's such an awesome puppy and deserves the very best.

Obviously this blog has been majorly neglected and so once I get back home I promise to backlog some pictures of Calvin I have on file. I would love for David and his friends to have this website as resource to see who and what Calvin did in his first year growing up with Annette and I....and naturally I'll post pictures of the upcoming graduation too!

Stay tuned for more...........